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October 12, 2020

Host Hatty Ashdown and Gemma Beagly dial up over zoom with Actress , writer, single mum of one Alexis Strum( ITV'S Time wasters, SK'S  Wannabe, Funny Women Survival Guide podcast) . We find out about her positive  birth experience of a relatively stress free pre planned C-Section . We also chat confidence post baby , keeping busy in the pandemic, how she handles the highs and lows of the unpredictability of the acting profession with being a mum. Its fare to say we will defo be having Alexis back, we could of chatted for hours.To follow Alexis find her on twitter for all her online shows . 

This show was guest Sponsored by Formy Books and to support their kick starter see Established in early 2020, Formy Books is an independent family-run publisher with a passion for own voices children’s books. Spurred on by a successful Kickstarter for Later, founding author Curtis Ackie’s debut children’s book, Formy Books is dedicated to delivering striking children’s picture books by Black creators from across the diaspora.

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September 28, 2020



Host Hatty Ashdown is delighted to be joined by the French and Fabulous single mum of one award winning comedian Arielle Souma (BBC New Comedy Award '"She is just what the comedy industry needs and should be forced upon every audience until they buckle under her spell "- Frankie Boyle. Arielle takes us back 23 years ago when Natalie Imbruglia was number 1 in the charts and Arielle was 20 and knew she wanted a baby just like her mate  . Join us for a trip down 90's birth maternity lane and making Single mum life and baby and comedy work.

* TW in this podcast it describes a baby that required resuscitation /neonatal resuscitation . 

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BIRTH STORIES EP 2 - Esther Manito

BIRTH STORIES EP 2 - Esther Manito

September 14, 2020

Host Hatty Ashdown is happy once again to be back recording this episode at Soho radio in a lovely studio with a  real life Esther Mantio in front of her - Comedian, Writer and mum of two  (  Arab woman of the year nominee, BBC  New Comedy award winner, , Published author of 'Don't Panic I'm Islamic)   Esther has performed at our club Screaming with laughter ( lunch time comedy club where baby can come too) many times and is always a hit with our new parents for her straight talking views on parenting . So it was really nice to hear Esther positive birth stories , with ofcourse some bumps and comedy along the way . We chat along to a birthing sound track to make any baby slide out like a eel out of a purse . 

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BIRTH STORIES Hatty Ashdown & Gemma Beagly

BIRTH STORIES Hatty Ashdown & Gemma Beagly

August 31, 2020


(Trigger warning )

In this short series Host Hatty Ashdown talks to guests about their birth experience, so to kick us off we  ofcourse had to hear first from  our regular guest Gemma Beagly and our host Hatty This episode is an extra long show as we manage to squeeze in three births , lots of bus trips , lots of poos,  water , hair clips, tears, mums and stitches . All held together with a water breaking sound track !


TW contains content on seizures .

The funny mummies podcast is part of the Other Woman show on Soho Radio 

In Association with Screaming with laughter the lunch time comedy club where babies can come too 


Ep 25 - Guilt Free Kids Parties

Ep 25 - Guilt Free Kids Parties

August 17, 2020

Host Hatty Ashdown is so excited to be back in the studio again she's having party, and she's invited  regular  co-host Gemma Beagly . With the Pandemic Many a mums have breathed a sigh of relief that  atleast the pressure is off to have a  big party for your kids. We talk the benefits of  lock down birthdays, our own childhood parties , school disco out fits and slow dances. All in all not giving two flying fannies about  what others to do and the pressure we put on ourselves, when all they want is chocolate sweets and more sweets .    


Ep 24 - Angry Tit - Victoria Emes

Ep 24 - Angry Tit - Victoria Emes

August 3, 2020

This week Hatty is excited to be back in the Soho Radio studio with funny mummy Victoria Emes (Instagram @victoriaemes). They talk boobs, bottles and being sucked dry, as well as Instagram and selecting their favourite Northern Soul tracks for the show.



This episode was recorded on 23/07/2020 (full episode broadcast on Soho Radio 20/08/2020) in association with Screaming With Laughter comedy club.

Ep 23 - Sports - Margaret Cabourne-Smith

Ep 23 - Sports - Margaret Cabourne-Smith

July 20, 2020

Series Two- Chapter 2 as we come kicking out of the lock in ! 


Join Hatty and Gemma as they catch up with FM favourite Margret Cabourne-Smith (Miranda,Catastrophe, The Hustle , DTRT podcast). We chatted about clip on fringes , School swimming lessons , not being picked for net ball , the pain of watching your kid struggle at sports and does not being able to throw a shot put or run really matter?  nah couse not,

but it has  brought us some funny stories.   




Ep22– Pressure and Process :Sindhu Vee

Ep22– Pressure and Process :Sindhu Vee

June 29, 2020

Welcome to Series 2- our check in on the lock in special , where we catch up with Funny mummies in the pandemic . 


Its taken a pandemic for Host Hatty Ashdown and Gemma Beagly to finally secure   the very hard working  stand up , writer and mum of three Sindhu Vee(Live at the Apollo, Sky Arts,BBC Radio 4 ) to the Funny Mummies table. Sindhu talks about  corona virus, taking pain relief in birth  and getting into  stand up as a mum of three. We discuss  finding 'what is my worth ' with raising kids and needing balance. We've never covered so many topics on this show, this episode is both therapy and lots of yes yes moments ! We are brought to actual tears of joy and warmth as Sindhu  shares her late mothers wise, and straight talking advice. And Gemma asks the all important question have you ever been in a helicopter ? 

This show was recorded remotely over zoom on ......

Edited by Alex Holland 

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This podcast is in association with Screaming with laughter the lunch time comedy club where babies can come too . 

Ep 21- Happiness and those  grounding moments  - with Athena Kugblenu

Ep 21- Happiness and those grounding moments - with Athena Kugblenu

June 22, 2020

Weekly series special  as we check in on our funny mummies in the lock in!

This week Hatty and her comedy partner Gemma Beagly manage to get hold of stand-up, writer, improviser and mum of one  Athena Kugblenu (BBC new comedy award finalist, BBC Radio 4 news quiz, ,loose ends, guilty feminist co-host and Keeping Athena Company Podcast ) We go through Athena's birth story and how waiting two weeks till after her due date meant she didn't have a chihuahua baby. On happiness she concludes she's a happy person in spite of herself and takes us through what her parents laid down as the vital ingredients for happiness. The chat turns to a mothers love and Athena ends up counselling Hatty! They have a very valuable chat about stand-up, competitions and Athena parts some advice on how your material will dictate where your success can lead - 'be purposefull'. A shorter then normal episode as Athena is in demand and sadly we only brush the surface of the recent  anti-racism  movement after the killing of George Floyd in America and her reaction. We chat about the need for the writers room to be diversified and how she would love to be a mentor for bringing more black women into comedy. 

Recorded remotely on 12/6/2020 for the Other Woman Show on Soho Radio . 

Edited by Alex Holland 

Ep 20: Sisterhood and Lifting in Lockdown with Viv Groskop

Ep 20: Sisterhood and Lifting in Lockdown with Viv Groskop

June 15, 2020

Series 2 - Check in on the lock in series special 

Hatty and funny mummy Gemma call up journalist, author and fellow podcaster Viv Groskop (How to Own the Room) to speak about her latest book Lift as You Climb: Women and the Art of Ambition.

In this week's episode, Viv talks about her inspiration for the book, what it means to push yourself forward and how to do it without stepping on other women's toes; we discuss how lockdown has sent us back to our dearest friends, that anxiety is likely the cause of so much of our unusual behaviour and whether the lack of distraction brings out what's important in our lives; the podcast is interrupted when Gemma has a slight emergency with a bin lid; Viv gives Hatty a bit of a tough-love coaching session and some  valuable social media advice; Gemma reveals the real reasons you should do a podcast; and lastly we take Viv on her dream child-free night out (it involves lots of Celine Dion).

This was recorded remotely on 3/6/2020 

Edited by Alex Holland 

In Association with Screaming with Laughter the lunch time comedy club where babies can come too (see Instagram for live shows to watch online).

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